Cardano has the potential to empower individuals, but to counterbalance this, it can weaken the position of institutions, banks, and states. Technology can assist in a new redistribution of power and give people greater freedom. But this can only happen under certain conditions, and success will depend on the people themselves. Not on technology.

The contract between us and the authorities

The social contract is a social model that usually concerns the legitimacy of the authority of the state over the individual. Social contract arguments typically posit that individuals have consented, either explicitly or tacitly, to surrender some of their freedoms and submit to the authority in…

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the most promising emerging sector in the cryptocurrency space. However, this sector lacks the necessary stability and reliability, two crucial prerequisites for further adoption. Cardano can bring DeFi to mainstream users and thus create real finance (RealFi).

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies might be two different things

Many people mistakenly believe that cryptocurrencies are a suitable tool for a new financial revolution based on blockchain. The reality is that blockchain is a perfect fit for the world of finance. Unfortunately, native coin projects have little use in the world of finance. If a blockchain network is to be decentralized, it needs native coins that are used…

Cryptocurrencies are a very competitive environment and the question is which projects will exist in the next 10 years. This will be decided mainly by the users who adopt the projects and start using them in real life. Let’s take a look at how Cardano and Bitcoin compete and how they can complement each other.

The battle for the best cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies came into the world with the idea of becoming state-independent money. Bitcoin was the first successful cryptocurrency, and many other similar projects followed. For example, Litecoin, which is a typical Bitcoin clone with slightly altered characteristics. You could say that the projects fought among…

Many newcomers to cryptocurrencies are unclear about what exactly decentralization is and, more importantly, what it can change. This article will look at how the Cardano protocol is decentralized and then discuss what all can change in our society through decentralization.

How a centralized world works

The internet is at the heart of what we do and everything that happens on a digital level has an overlap into the physical world. If we want to exchange value with someone remotely, we have to take care of that in the physical world first. This means that both Alice and Bob need to open an account with…

Cardano uses PoS consensus, which is more energy-efficient than PoW. Cardano is thus more in line with nature and the natural order of things than projects using PoW. Let’s talk about why this is important.

What is natural

Nature tends to achieve the best results with the minimum energy expenditure. Those who manage their energy better in nature have a better chance of survival. Animals conserve energy and never waste it. They save their energy for when they absolutely need it. For example, when they’re foraging for food or defending themselves against predators.

The principle of achieving the best results with the minimum…

Why did these countries have to wait for blockchain?

First and foremost, we need to understand why blockchain technology is making a difference and why poor countries have failed to build a financial and social infrastructure similar to what we know in Western countries. To some extent, this is a failure of Western countries and international organizations to support the building of critical financial infrastructure in poor countries. The subject is, of course, complex and there is no point in looking for a culprit. However, the fact is that there are still people living in poor countries today who do not have an identity card and therefore are not…

There is a widely spread narrative that cryptocurrencies are valuable mainly due to digital scarcity. Besides the scarcity, a technological aspect provides unique features that differentiate cryptocurrencies from gold. What is actually a more valuable feature, the scarcity or technological features?

A story about two horses

Economists have been studying the relationship between value and price since the 19th century, and so far they have basically agreed that they are two different things. We can determine the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency project fairly precisely. Just look at the market capitalization of a given network and we can immediately see the price of coins. The…

The inflation of money and its printing during the economic crisis is perceived as a problem that is to be fixed by Bitcoin. Is this defensible in the context of negative environmental impact? Do we have another alternative? We have. Cardano can become a green store of value.

Mining of Bitcoin

The Proof-of-Work network consensus is designed to require a lot of electricity to ensure security. That is a known fact. What is important for our article is the amount that is required by the Bitcoin mining process. The amount of electricity that is consumed by the mining process directly relates to the…

Scalability and utility are the main prerequisites to use blockchain technologies for economic and social activities. The main focus is put on decentralization and security but users take it for granted and above all, they require fast and useful services.

The network effect is the key to success

Would it be an email service useful if only you could use it and nobody else had no idea what that is? Definitely not and you would not probably care much about it as well. If you could write an email to your friends and family then the utility of the service would be significantly better. What if you could…

Technology is valuable only when it is adopted and used for solving real issues. A public network can be adopted by individuals but it does not mean that an institution or even government cannot decide to use it as well. It has happened. Ethiopia decided to adopt Cardano.

About Ethiopia

Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa which provides a strategic dominance as it is close to the Middle East and its markets. With more than 112 million people, Ethiopia is the second-most populous nation in Africa after Nigeria and it has the fastest growing economy in the region…

Proud Cardano ambassadors Jaromir Tesar & Lukas Barta. Operators of Cardanians pool with ticker #CRDNS.

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