Blockchain needs a viable incentive mechanism

  1. Economically motivate people to operate a node in the required quality. You can consider that as a reward mechanism. There might be other than just economic incentives, like idealism, morality, or desire to “do the right thing”. However, economic incentives are the most important ones.
  2. Distract from dishonest behavior. You can consider that as a punishment mechanism. Public networks will always face attacks and there might be people willing to lose some money in order to destroy or discredit the network.
  3. Be egalitarian as much as possible.
Public services should rely on fees.
Possible circulation of coins.
It is difficult to balance all aspects of blockchain.
Everybody would like to have a passive income. Blockchain is not here to provide it to everyone.
Take the numbers as an example. Nobody is able to predict the future.



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