Cardano gives you freedom. Do not stake ADA on exchanges. (CRDNS pool)
7 min readNov 19, 2020

Cardano has been built with a focus on decentralization and can provide users with financial freedom and independence. Decentralization is not only about technology but also about the mindset. Do not stake ADA coins on exchanges.

Blockchain will reshape society only if it is used in a decentralized way

Cryptocurrencies have been invented to make the world a better place for living. The crux of the improvement lies in the ability to avoid middlemen and their services that we often need to use for a variety of reasons. Blockchain technology offers an alternative that is able to connect people without middlemen that can and often misuse their position. High fees, censorship, collection of data, refusing to provide a service, providing information to third parties, poor quality of services, weaker position when you negotiate about conditions of service are the main disadvantages of using middlemen. The goal of the Cardano project is to eliminate named disadvantages and create a world that will be more transparent, people will enjoy higher privacy, nobody will be able to censor transactions, collect data about you and commercialize it, or make a big profit for low-quality services. It is a great idea but there is a catch, though. Technology itself is not able to realize it. Users must understand the decentralization concept and change their mindsets.

It can sound a bit weird but decentralized services can be used in a centralized way. Centralized services can help you, protect you, and facilitate manipulation with decentralized services. People behind centralized services use decentralized services and stand between them and you. It is the old-fashion concept that decentralization wants to disrupt. Why understand why it happens. We are used to trusting banks and institutions. We know that it is relatively safe to have money in a bank. Life is easier for us if we do not need to protect our money and a card with a PIN can manage nearly everything. It is time to change it. Do you know how much you pay for a bank account, card, and ATM withdrawals? Do you know which information a bank knows about you? Many of you can be happy with bank services and never had any troubles. We understand it. Anyway, decentralization brings a new paradigm… (CRDNS pool)

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