Cardano has undergone an independent source code audit

Cardano has undergone an independent source code audit by the respected company Root9B. The IOHK team wants to reassure all its users that Cardano is a secure protocol. Let’s take a look at the published audit together.

Searching for some security vulnerability.

Why an independent security audit is beneficial

As an Internet user, you use a variety of applications, and you may not even realize that your security is entirely dependent on the qualities of those applications. Under the term application, you can imagine an Internet browser, a chat client, a game, an email client, and many other things. These applications use different network protocols that use the TCP/IP infrastructure. In the case of cryptocurrencies, you use a wallet that communicates with other participants via the network protocol. You can send a transaction through your wallet. The transaction spreads to other nodes via the network protocol. The nodes must then agree on a mutual consensus via the network protocol and agree on whether your transaction is valid and can be included in the blockchain.

What Root9B audited and the results

As we have already said, Cardano has undergone an independent source code audit of the respected company Root9B (R9B). R9B had done a static analysis of the code. It means that they reviewed the source code without executing it. R9B tried to find common classes of vulnerabilities that might compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the Cardano software. R9B audited blockchain (ledger), Cardano node, Ouroboros network, crypto tools, and a few other parts. The output of R9B is a report that you can find on GitHub:


The IOHK team will soon launch the Cardano decentralized main-net. It is therefore important to reassure all future users that the source code is secure. It must be said that a similar type of audit is very expensive and the IOHK team did not hesitate to pay for quality verification of the source code. This is not common in the crypto-world. Many projects do not have a very good source code. It is very likely that if an external audit were carried out, many security shortcomings would be found. A security audit is also a very good competitive edge for the adoption of the project by banks and institutions.

Proud Cardano ambassadors Jaromir Tesar & Lukas Barta. Operators of Cardanians pool with ticker #CRDNS.

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