It is not possible to hack Cardano (CRDNS pool)
9 min readAug 22, 2020

It is not basically possible to hack the Cardano network for a variety of reasons. Let’s have a look at it in more detail.

What can hackers do in the traditional world?

In the traditional server-client world there are two levels of centralization. It is the centralization of trust and centralized network architecture is used. These are two possible vectors of attack.

Social hacking is a method of how to penetrate a foreign computer system or a network by interacting with humans. A hacker attempts to manipulate outcomes of social behavior through orchestrated actions. The goal of social hacking is to gain access to restricted information without proper permission. It is not an easy task and requires focused preparation and research. Social hackers often impersonate an individual or group who is directly or indirectly known to the victims. It is also possible to pretend a position of authority. Social hackers are able to gain access to systems that are usually very well secured technologically and it is nearly impossible to break their protection. Centralized technology cannot be 100% secured due to the possibility to overcome the protection by social hacking.

We have seen an example of a social hack recently. Do you remember the hack of Twitter when personal accounts of business leaders, celebrities, and politicians were misused to promote scams? A group of young hackers started by collecting publicly available data about Twitter employees on the Internet. For example on the LinkedIn network. They were able to deduce who could have access to Twitter’s internal account management tools. Using the features that LinkedIn provides to companies looking for employees, they obtained, for example, their mobile phone numbers, home landline number, date of entry to Twitter, and other personal information. The attackers then called these people and hid their real identities by spoofing caller ID. They pretended to be Twitter employees. After gaining their trust, they manipulated them into logging in to the corporate VPN. However, they spoofed them with a different address and obtained their credentials from the spoofed login page. These attackers also entered the actual VPN login page. They were also able to bypass the two-factor verification. The rogue employees entered…


-- (CRDNS pool)

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