Make a better staking decision (CRDNS pool)
17 min readOct 7, 2020

As a Cardano stakeholder, you are probably interested in delegating your coins to a pool. In short, you are interested in staking. This article can help you to understand the big picture behind the whole staking and rewarding process. We will show you how you can find all the relevant information in the ADApools tool.

ADA coins overview

We have intentionally simplified some processes and calculations that you will find in the article. We wanted to provide understandable information for everybody. We can go deeper into details next time.

Cardano has a capped supply of coins and only 45,000,000,000 ADA coins will be in circulation. Let’s call it maximum supply. It will never change, thus, it makes ADA coins a precious resource. Currently, around epoch 220, ~31,600,000,000 coins circulate (circulating supply) and ~13,400,000,000 coins will be gradually released by the protocol in the following years.

The protocol rewards pool operators and stakeholders for active participation in the decentralization. There are two sources from which ADA coins are taken to be used for the epoch reward (we will continue with the distribution of the epoch…


-- (CRDNS pool)

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