The Cardano Protocol is well prepared for the Future (CRDNS pool)
17 min readJun 30, 2020
The future is unpredictable.

We usually know well what has happened in the past. We can just assume what is going to happen in the future and still, we can be sure that we will be surprised by the development of events. A decentralized protocol must be designed in a way that it will be possible to respond to all expected or even unexpected events in the future.

Security and decentralization are not static properties

Security and decentralization are the most important properties of every cryptocurrency. These properties exist in the digital world. To be more precise, developers of a protocol try to design the protocol and then they implement the properties into the source code. The part of the design and implementation is an incentive model and native coin issuance. In other words, the protocol is a set of rules and algorithms that programmers have implemented based on the design hoping that the protocol will survive all attacks and will be sustainable in the long term. A decentralized protocol relies on the physical world. There are a lot of variables that cannot be assumed in advance. People have to be willing to maintain the protocol and will try to maximize their profit. They will study every detail of the protocol and try to come up with an improvement that would give them an advantage over others. Decentralization and security are not properties in which quality would remain the same over time. The opposite is true. Both properties will dynamically change over time and the key to success is to keep the quality of the properties on a high level.

A network protocol is not only about security and decentralization. These two properties are not sufficient to attract people and satisfy their needs. There are other important properties like scalability, settlement time, transaction cost, and many others. The team must consider all properties and design the protocol in a way that all properties will be balanced. It makes no sense to create a super-secure protocol when it would process only a few transactions per second and cost would reach a few dollars. Security is a mandatory property but the real usability suffers in this example. To provide another example, it also makes no sense to create a super-fast protocol that would process hundreds of transactions per second for free… (CRDNS pool)

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